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This Is How We Do

(the way of working, not the Katy Perry song, but you are free to listen to that one during work!)


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Innovative Culture
We believe that change is good, and it's essential to challenge the status quo. We value your ideas, your ways of doing things in your style. We love to hear if you say everything we currently do is bullsh**t, and we should do it entirely differently.
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Work From Everywhere
We love #NewWork. As long you are connected to the internet, it doesn't matter where you are. This is your time to become a digital nomad and explore the world (but please make sure to contact us about CO2 compensations when using airplanes).
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Work Whenever You Want
We hate 9-to-5 work, it feels like an idea of past centuries (oh, wait it actually is!). In 2024, we are 100% flexible about your working times. Enjoy the life you really want, not the working day your employer is expecting from you.
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Free Education & Courses
"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest" – that's a quote from Benjamin Franklin. We offer free courses at our education partners (and as we are not a joint-stock company (yet), knowledge is the only option to pay any interest at all 😅).

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