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Any questions regarding features, integrations, or APIs? Here are the answers.
With, you can build great digital products without code knowledge:

  • build modern, responsive websites

  • convert websites created with into iOS and Android apps

  • convert existing websites (also created outside into iOS and Android apps

  • download apps for publishing in Apple App Store and Google Play Store

Yes. We are happy to help you develop individual solutions and custom apps. We have many top-notch, affordable App Specialists who are pleased to help you develop high-quality apps and digital solutions. Please email us to [email protected] to discuss your requirements via mail or a Zoom video call.
No, our website builder is optimized for websites based on content, so a login or database functionality is tricky (but you can integrate any code by HTML or iFrame, like or any other service). By the way, works with existing websites, too – so you can easily convert your existing website/web app into iOS & Android apps.
Your website content (within the app) will always be in sync within your iOS & Android apps :-) No app update is required. This dynamic behavior makes our system the perfect tool for frequently changing information (e.g., the daily menu of a restaurant) or changing functionalities.
Yes. You can either export your app as a standalone export for uploading to iOS and Android or book our full app publishing service where we take care of everything in consultation with you. A developer account from Apple and/or Google is required.
Apps can be completed within minutes to hours after signing up to The submission to Apple and/or Google may take about another seven days, depending on the review times. The prerequisite for this time estimation is that a developer account from Apple and/or Google has already been set up.
Of course not, our website templates and plugins are at your fingertips. The drag & drop mechanism is simple, time-saving and fun.
All exported/downloaded (.zip download) websites will still work locally after canceling your account or deleting the project from your dashboard. However, all iOS apps, Android apps, and all websites remotely hosted via will no longer work. You can restore functionality if you reactivate your account (this can be done in a brief period of time after cancellation by contacting support).

Account & Payments

Any questions regarding pricing, billing, and general subscription topics? Here are the answers.
It's currently not possible to sign up for the platform without a credit card or PayPal. For reasons of identity verification for publishing web apps and apps, a credit card (or a PayPal account) is required, even if we do not charge it. Cancel anytime during the free trial phase, and we will not charge you a single penny. Moreover, we never store your payment details, only our payment gateway providers know them.
Definitely. Just log in, go to "My Subscription" and click "Upgrade". Choose your new plan and confirm by clicking "Go for it" on the order summary page. That's it.
Simple answer: Yes, that works anytime. Just contact us and let us know which lower plan you want to choose for the future. We will check if there are any limitations to the lower plan that are currently exceeded in your existing larger plan, and if everything is fine, we will downgrade the plan for you. Otherwise, we will chat with you about the best-customized option for your needs.
You can easily pay with Apple Pay, Credit Cards, or PayPal.
Yes. Our payment gate processor sends you a valid and customizable invoice for every transaction automatically. The invoice is always sent to your registered email, and you can add any information you need, such as your address and company name.
If you are eligible to deduct Sales Tax, make sure to enter your VAT ID during registration to avoid Sales Tax. If you've been incorrectly charged for Sales Tax (VAT), please open the online invoice and add all relevant information (billing email, tax info, name), and a VAT refund will be issued.
Just log in, go to "My Subscription" and click "Delete My Account". Confirm your choice by clicking "Cancel Subscription". That's it.
Yes. We love education, training, and scientific discovery. We offer you a significant discount for academic purposes. Please contact us here.
Yes, great idea! Our Agency plan is the best choice for developing applications for your own customers. Moreover, we can transfer a single application to another account easily. Just contact us here. Moreover, we are happy to discuss any white-label/reseller option with you.

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